Yay – you’re getting married!  I am crazy happy for you. With so many photographers and styles available – photo-journalistic, documentary, and editorial (oh my!) – how’s a girl to choose?  I have some ideas to help!  It really comes down to a couple of things:
Do you like the photographer’s photos?  I know, it sounds obvious.  But I mean like as in knock your socks off and call home to momma like.  You should be super excited about what the photographer captures.  Bonus points if you can pinpoint why.
Do you like them as a person?  Yes, it’s super important!  The majority of your wedding day will be spent with your photographer.  Trust me, you’ll want to like them.  When you have it narrowed down to a few photogs, grab a coffee with them and take time to chat.  Are you comfortable around him or her?  Are they someone you can joke with, hang out with, and most importantly, be yourself around?  If so, book them pronto!  If not, be patient and keep looking. Know in the long run it will be completely worth it.
And, if you decide that person is me – AWESOME! I would be thrilled to tell your story and provide you and your honey with a collection of images that express the emotions, details, and moments of your wedding day.