• SugarSnaps in Review: Family Sessions

    Posted on July 11, 2014 by in Children, Family


    While one of my favorite things to do is take photos and document the lives and relationships of those around me, not far behind is actually sharing them! When things are in full swing around here, blog posts tend to… well… ¬†fall behind. But I want to share! I want friends to see their friends’ kids growing and changing, and grandmas to swoon over their grandbabies, and lovers to remember all the butterflies they felt on their wedding day.

    So, in an effort to not delay sharing one moment longer, I’m debuting a couple of outtakes from each session I’ve had since this spring, beginning with families! Family sessions are silly, fun, and playful. My goal is to create memories of your lives and interactions together, beyond what you look like smiling at a camera. This typically consists of kids being kids and adults being kids too. Real life is giggles, tears, tantrums, and yawns. It’s races in the lawn, tummy raspberries, and figuring out to love each other more, one day at a time. Enjoy!

    SugarSnaps Photography - Family-1SugarSnaps Photography - Family-28 SugarSnaps Photography - Family-2SugarSnaps Photography - Family-27SugarSnaps Photography - Family-3 SugarSnaps Photography - Family-26SugarSnaps Photography - Family-14
    SugarSnaps Photography - Family-4SugarSnaps Photography - Family-15 SugarSnaps Photography - Family-5SugarSnaps Photography - Family-18 SugarSnaps Photography - Family-6 SugarSnaps Photography - Family-7SugarSnaps Photography - Family-20 SugarSnaps Photography - Family-21 SugarSnaps Photography - Family-8SugarSnaps Photography - Family-22SugarSnaps Photography - Family-23 SugarSnaps Photography - Family-9SugarSnaps Photography - Family-24 SugarSnaps Photography - Family-25 SugarSnaps Photography - Family-10


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