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  • SugarSnaps in Review: Family Sessions

    Posted on July 11, 2014 by in Children, Family

      While one of my favorite things to do is take photos and document the lives and relationships of those around me, not far behind is actually sharing them! When things are in full swing around here, blog posts tend to… well… ¬†fall behind. But I want to share! I want friends to see their […]

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  • Mason

    Posted on October 2, 2013 by in Children

      I love this kid. In the past year he’s graduated from crawling to walking, and walking, and walking (the moment he sees you, he sticks out his little hand for you to hold, then takes off), from cooing to talking (mainly ‘truck’, often ‘big truck’, and also ‘momma’, ‘pwease’, ‘fly’ – when his daddy […]

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  • Cora Elizabeth

    Posted on September 30, 2013 by in Children, Newborn

      Cora Elizabeth was welcomed into this world with much anticipation and enormous amounts of love. She is the sweetest little thing, and it was an absolute treat to photograph her in her first week of life. I was smitten the moment I met her. Erica and Darin – congratulations to your family. I am […]

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  • Joe, Rachel, Paul + Lily

    Posted on August 6, 2013 by in Children, Family

      A few Sundays ago, the Olson’s and I went exploring in Antioch Park (checking for poison ivy along the way – yikes!). My favorite moment of the session – and it keeps making me smile – 4-year old Paul, after excitedly running to the next destination and having a bit of a doozy wipe-out […]

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  • Shafer Family

    Posted on July 9, 2013 by in Children, Family

      The Shafer’s are getting bigger! On one of the muggiest days of the summer (well, so far…), Delaney was as happy as could be, and Oakley was running laps around us almost faster than my camera could click. We blew bubbles and played in the green grass until our rosy faces and beaded brows […]

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