• Alyssa + Kurt Wedding

    Posted on April 25, 2014 by in Weddings


    Over a year ago, Alyssa found me through the unexpected connection of Jazzercise. Now, I have never taken a Jazzercise class a day in my life (dance moves + exercise = coordination disaster for me!), but Alyssa is an instructor, and when she stumbled upon fellow instructor Rae AnnĀ (+ Jeff)’s wedding photos on the blog, she sent me an email.

    After seeing the crazy dance moves of the multitude of Jazzercisers at Alyssa and Kurt’s wedding, I may have to reconsider my exercise regimen. Holy smokies folks, these ladies could move! The reception was an incredible mix of entertainment (Alyssa and her mom surprised guests with an interruption of ‘Baby Got Back’ during their slow dance together!), laughs, and the most dedicated dancing I have witnessed. It was awesome.

    I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to document Alyssa + Kurt’s day. The two of them, and their families, made a big impression on me. They were kind, calm, and super excited to be celebrating together. The way Alyssa and Kurt treated each other, smiled at one another and just looked so darn happy, made me all the more happy to be part of their celebration.

    Congrats, Alyssa + Kurt. It was a complete joy to capture memories for you!

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