Hi.  I’m Rachelle.  A happy, laid back dreamer from the great Midwest. I like being silly and playful and have no problem laughing at myself.  I’m thankful for the little things.  And big things – one of which is having the opportunity to photograph fantastic people like you.
Being creative, in all sorts of ways, brings me joy.  And photography is the icing on the cake.  When looking through a lens, life slows down.  Things look different.  I take time to see – beauty in the little things and in God’s grand creation.  It’s mind blowing, right?
When I left the corporate world to continue the photography journey, my goal was to create beautiful, emotional, story-telling photographs.  I do this by keeping things simple – focusing on candid moments and interactions, and keeping post-processing edits timeless and clean (no crazy Photoshop trends here pretty please). This keeps the focus on what matters most – you!